Fitness Center Contribution

Fitness Center Contribution

At the May 2006 WRCCF Board meeting a grant request from the Wood River Rural High School for the new fitness center was considered. The grant request was for one elliptical bike for the center that would cost approximately $3,750.00. After discussion about the needs of the new center the applicant was asked to consider what was needed to make the center viable and to submit a second request. At the August 2006 a second request was made for 4 exercise pieces and the walking track surface for an approximate cost of $36,850.00.

A challenge was issued to Wood River area residents to raise $40,000 for the fitness center and the WRCC Foundation would match the first $10,000.00 received. This challenge was heard and by December 31 $31,357.00 was donated. Added to this amount was $9,167.92 from WRCCF Named funds designated by families for the Fitness Center, and the matching $10,000 from the Foundation. (The names of the 2006 donors are on the plaques on the south wall of the Fitness Center.)

The walking floor was installed, and the equipment was ordered for the opening of the Fitness Center to the Public. Since the opening additional funds have been awarded for the televisions, and additional equipment. From the balance left over the fund has paid the maintenance costs of the equipment. Since January 2007 over $54,500 has been awarded to the Fitness Center by the Foundation.

At the November 2017 meeting a grant request was approved for purchase of seven bikes (the costs was $1,995.72 x 7 or $13,970.00). The final bill for the bikes was presented for payment, 2 Peloton bikes ($2,395.00 each and a 1 Year Subscription $468.00 each) for $6,076.00 and 5 LeMond cycles ($1,299.00 each) and related costs of $7,927.00 for a grand total of $14,003.00.  The Binfield family representatives (Kent Binfield TX and Jim Binfield OH) were contacted for their family approval of the use of the Binfield Family Grand Benefactor Fund for this grant. The Binfield family wanted the funds used for the community and they felt the Fitness Center was appropriate. While the family has moved away from Wood River they are proud of their ties to the.

The new bikes have “sparked” new interests in the Fitness Center. A survey is being conducted to determine the future needs and wants of the community. (Survey forms available at the Fitness Center, Post Office and Wood River City Office.) Wood River School District patrons are encouraged to support and use the center. There is NO CHARGE for the district patrons to use the facility other than the nominal one-time fee to obtain a fitness center security card to gain entrance to the building.