Gifts can be donated by several forms of classes.  Listed below are the classes of gifts to serve the various desires of donors.

Memorials or contributions given in any amount equivalent to $500 or more will be placed, on request of the donor, in a separate account.  The donor may also name this fund and designate its use for a particular purpose.

Charles E.”Chick” Moyer
James Allan
Charles & Donna Moyer
McCumber Family Scholarship
Lola Harnish Scholarship
Benfield Family
Steve & Sarah Arnett
Bill and Ellen Luehr
Lew & Sunny Welch
Donna Lee (Bilon) Moyer



Paul & Thelma (Boeka) Johnson)
Sig & Marcia (Smith) Bloom
Wood River Centennial Committee
Bank of Wood River
Charles & Donna Moyer
Lelia B. Olson
Whitman Olson
Walter & Dorothy Webster
Frank & Opal Ripp
Lew & Sunny Welch
Sig & Marcia (Smith) Bloom
Paul & Thelma (Boeka) Johnson
Lois Koepp
Donald Rohrich

Bank of Wood River
Donna Rae (Koepp) Beberniss
Leonard & Donna Rae Beberniss
Marcia & Sig Bloom
Herbert “Herb” Bonsack
Earle & Eleanor (Bald) Brittin
Lena (Moffitt) Burns
Joseph F. Emery
Floyd & Pauline Finck
Elaine (Ulstrom) Luehr Hannon
Calvin & Virginia Heinrich Family
Dewey G & Margaret Heminger
Wayne Heminger
Robert (Bob) Heminger
Ila Hoye
Gerald J. Hoye
Albert & Grace Koepp
Bill & Ellen Luehr
Dorothy Miller
Charles & Donna Moyer
Harold O’Kane
Mildred (Bridger) O’Kane
Chris & Johanna Opp
Emerson & Hazel Reck
Cleo & Alice (Bald) Smith
Clinton& Etta Smith/
Frank & Lena Bald
John & Hattie Steiger
Leo Thelen
Virgina (Goble) Thelen
Florence (Jerry Gerrard) Wagoner
John A. Wagoner
Thomas & Cecelia Wagoner Family
Lew & Sunny Welch
Kenneth Woitolewicz
Charles & Florence Wiese
Jerome & Frances Francis
Barbara Meier Zulkoski
Murice & Alice Fairbanks
Loren & Emma Bilslend
Jerome Rathman
Maxine Rathman
Wayne Krause
Ernestine (Hein) Coleman Named Scholarship
Alice (Quisenberry) Brittin Dubbs
Laura (Bitner) Jordan
Celebrate WR Board of Directors
Patricia (Cooper)DeVore
Dorothy (Francis) Knight
W.P. (Will) & Ella Connor
Deborah DeVore-Rogers
Frances Quisenberry
Mary Frances Wagoner
Mike & Beth Ripp
Jim & Maureen Rennau Arther & Kathryn (Langan) Wagoner
Roger Derr
Rev T.D. Sullivan
Rev Eamon O’Dowd
Rev Walter M Phelan
Richard DeVore
Esther (Wilcox) Jacobs
Cement Lodge 211/ Stanley Alexander Scholarship
William “Bill” Wetterer
Mandus & Goldie M. Hambek Olin
World War II Veterans Honor Flight
Library Endowment
Sabra, Roscoe & Hazel Abbott
Barbara Abbott Hyde
Educational Endowment
Bank of Wood River
Charles C. Moyer
Oney (Foust) Moyer
Edward E. Bilon
Christine Jensen Bilon
Expense Endowment
Charles & Donna Moyer
George (Joe) D. Allen III
Bank of Wood River Employees
Mildred McCumber
Bernice Layher
Charles & Donna Moyer
Ladies Bridge Marathon
Larry Niemck
Thomas J. Wagoner
Cecelia Burns Wagoner
Raymond & Ruth Swanson
Loren & Emma Bilslend
Lester Layher
Morris & Monica McGuire
John & Marie Collins
Gerald Eilenstine
Murice & Alice Fairbanks
Jerome Rathman
Gerald Krolikowski
Lew & Sunny Welch
Darlene Eilenstine
Maxine (Fink) Rathman
Alice Bald Smith (Elementary Sch)
Bernedine Neidfelt McCumber
Judy Wagoner
Vincent Boudreau
Jean Allan Dubbs
Dario & Katy Wagoner Stoka
Richard (Dick) DeVore
Mary Frances Wagoner
Mike & Beth Ripp
Jim & Maureen Rennau
Steve & Sarah Arnett
Arthur & Kathryn Wagoner
Ben & Gladys Camp
Frances Lowell
Joyce Schultz
Sunny Welch
Bill & Jean Packer
Janel Tiarks
Ag Service
Mary Babel
Catherine Sue Uhrich WRCemetry
Howard J. Uhrich  WR Cemetery
Evelyn Campbell American Legion
Carol Hoffman Scholarship
Barbara McTavish
Farm Credit Services
WR Comm Cent Foundation Board Community Bldrs
Douglas Denman
Mary Virginia Heinrich
Donald & Barbara Taylor
Dean Kjar
Virginia Luebs Community Builder
Wayne Rennau
Wood River Cemetery
Dean & Pam Kjar Community Builders
Lisa Opp
LaVern & Esther (Harris) Luhn
Dewey & Margaret (Bailey) Heminger
Marvin & Marian (Bosle) Koepp
Mary Ann Apfel Community Builders

Wood River Schools Foundation:

  • General
  • Science
  • Wood River Elementary School Playground Fund

Legacy Station


Judith Wagoner



Checks and gifts are made to:
Wood River Community Centennial Foundation, Inc.,
P.O. Box 493
Wood River, NE. 68883

or to the WRCCF treasurer %Bank of Wood River

or they can be sent to 410 W. 2nd Street, Suite 2, Grand Island, NE 68801

The tax identification number of the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation is 47-458128

Remember…the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation, Inc.,…and be remembered.