Judith Wagoner Executive Director Endowment Fund

Judith Wagoner Executive Director Endowment Fund

The recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation a check was presented to establish the Judith Wagoner Executive Director Endowment Fund. In presenting this check Donna Moyer wrote:

“I call to your attention, the generous services of C.E.O leader Judith Wagoner and a possible solution for “our future.

Since the Foundation’s organization (August 20, 1984) Miss Wagoner has served faithfully and with superior guidance that helped create the Foundation’s superior rating and acceptance throughout its known territory.

I point out that Miss Wagoner has contributed these services – without remuneration. How can an organization be so lucky!  In anticipation of that day when she “passes the gavel,” the Foundation may face a new consideration – salaries – possibly an unpopular item with contributory financing.

There I request the Board’s consideration of a new fund named in Miss Wagoner’s Honor that provides for salaries and allays criticism.

I have enclosed my personal check of $25,000.00 for beginning funding.

Carry on leaders.    

Signed Donna Lee Moyer”

This money was invested in an endowment fund with the Heritage Bank Trust Department, with guidance about future salaries to be considered at a later date. The Board accepted this gift with gratitude and look forward to carrying out the wishes of the Donor. This gift shows the power of community when we come together for the of the Wood River Community.