Go Big Give

Go Big Give

May 3, 2016 all-day

gbgYour gifts to WRCCF in GoBigGive 2016 has been designated for the Wood River Fire Dep. Ambulance Drive. The Wood River Fire & Rescue are looking to purchase a new ambulance by 2017. We need to have all or a majority of the funds by the fall of 2016 to order what we need. Our main ambulance (99-1) is a 2003 with our back up (99-2) is a 1996. (13 & 20 yrs old) The years go by fast and equipment begins to wear just from common use. We would like to purchase a new one before the ones we have are completely worn out.  In the years of owning both these ambulances we have wished many times that we had 4-wheel drive.  Our rural calls have led us into cornfields, tree lines and around the rivers. It would also be nice on our interstate calls crossing the medians and going off road. Our great Nebraska weather also plays a great part in why a 4-wheel drive would be a nice asset.

Purchasing the ambulance itself is a great challenge. We are trying to raise $250,000. With this amount we will be able to purchase a quality ambulance and supply it with equipment that we need. Such as an AED, Manual Defibrillator, etc. Hopefully then the new ambulance will make it 15-20 yrs also. We currently have $150,000 to this date. It wouldn’t take much from a few generous donations & fund raisers to reach our goal.

All ambulances that we have purchased to this date, comes from money we raise. From fund raisers or individual donations. The city does not help us with any monies for the ambulance. It is self-sustaining. It is required by law for towns to have fire services. That is why the city and a rural board have established accounts so that there will always be funds for fire trucks, training and other accessories. This is not so with an ambulance service. Ambulance services are not required. That is why so many are ran by volunteers. Whatever the funds that you can help us with will be greatly appreciated. It will help us get one step closer to our goal.