Update on recent Grants Approved

At the recent Board meeting of the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation an update was presented.

In Nov 2019 a grant request for $2,500.00 was requested as seed money for the Youth Sports Foundation.
The goal of this Foundation was to encourage youth participation in sporting activities in grades 3-6 and to remove money barriers. Funds for this grant were approved to be taken from the Charles Moyer Grand Benefactor fund.

 This seed money has been used to purchase tackle football gear and entry fees – YMCA basketball entry fees and for team’s youth jerseys.

Plans are being made to do fundraisers and donation to keep this account viable for future needs of Wood River Elementary students.

English classes for Wood River Latino Population grant was approved at the February 2020 meeting. Despite Covid, English classes began in September on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00. Jimena (Guerrero) Taylor, a 2014 WRRH Graduate and a graduate of UNK majoring in Languages was the instructor, working with the Literacy Council of Grand Island. 6-8 students completed the first session. Looking at refresher course to bring all the students back on board and to continue in the fall. Students and family members have experienced using English and having more confidence since starting this class. Funds for this class came from the earnings of the Founder’s Fund.

Go Big Give 2022, the Elementary School would like to fundraise for the playground. A committee is being formed and input is requested about the future needs of the playground, including “grass areas” and updated, safe equipment. Keep tuned for upcoming news articles from WR Elementary School.