Quarterly Meeting

May 1, 2024 @ 6:30 pm

All are invited to attend the Quarterly meeting of the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation. Meeting is set for Wednesday, May 1, Wood River Housing Authority meeting room (1413 Main St W.R.) beginning at 6:30.

The agenda will include grant request presentations and consideration of these requests. Grant request forms are available on the webpage, wrcommunityfoundation.com or a hard copy at Heritage Bank Lobby in WR. Please complete and forward to P.O. Box 493, Wood River, NE or given to one of the current Board members prior to the day of the meeting.

Board members are: Abby Rennau, Jason Rotter, Dave Harders, Blanca Rodriquez, Jenny Reeder, Peg Krause, Kaye Doane, Mary Harders, Adrienne Gill,              Andrea Johnson, & Kim Canfield.  Judy Wagoner Exec Secretary

Contact Info: [email protected]  P.O. Box 493, Wood River 6883,