Community Builders Awards

Over the past 10 years Donna Moyer has awarded a Community Builder award to an individual who has contributed to build a stronger and more valuable Wood River.

One cannot deny the changes occurring almost daily in our small towns and large cities. Size and numbers are favorable, and sometimes a hazard to each, but let’s not overlook another factor—quality—and that’s partly why we’re here tonight—to celebrate the improved life qualities which resulted from the public’s endorsement of the Wood River Community Centennial Foundation some thirty years ago.
Life in this rural and city community is a cooperative effort, the object being the quality improvements which bind us together. Both possess and share businesses, agricultural development, lovely homes, schools, parks, teams, kids, social events, churches and PEOPLE.
Some thirty years ago the Foundation was formed as a cooperative effort to bring benefits to all through donated wealth. By listening to the heartbeats of our people, the Foundation has earned the community’s trust, the trust which has garnered funds enabling the distribution of over $468,000 (as of Nov 1, 2014)of value called grants. This is VALUE to a community to which only a few towns have such an organization.